Our Policy

We want you to be fully satisfied with every mobile that you purchase. If you are not satisfied with an item that you have purchased you have 30 days store warranty ( exchange only)


Device Grading Scale:

Excellent Condition: 

Pre-owned and in Excellent Condition

Fully Functional Device

Very Minor Scratches/No Dents/Very Minor Scuffs On Screen/Housing

Device cosmetically may show very little sign of use

Data Wiped & Ready to use 

Clean ESN/No iCloud

Battery Above 80%

Good Condition:

Pre-owned and in Good Condition

Fully Functional Device

Can have light to heavy cosmetic blemishes

Data Wiped & Ready to use 

Clean ESN/No iCloud

Battery Above 75%




  • Data Cleared
  • All Activation Locks are Disabled(Clean icloud/Gmail)
  • Establishes Network Connection
  • Device Charges
  • Powers ON/OFF
  • LCD Function
  • Speaker and Microphone Functionality
  • Vibrator Function
  • Earphone, Headset Jack Function
  • Touchscreen Responsive
  • Exterior Buttons Function (Home, Volume,Mute, Power, Etc.) Operational
  • WiFi/Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Front Picture / Camera / Video Operational
  • SIM Card/Card Recognition
  • Receiver / Microphone Earpiece Functionality
  • Fingerprint/Facial Recognition Function
  • No damage to SIM connector